Isabelle Ortiz

Hello, for those of you whoʼve not met Duane Ausherman, he is one of my most aware mentors.  He likes to joke around saying, “I will ruin your life.”  Well, as promised, he delivers quite well, and I am very grateful to have crossed paths with Duane.  He has indeed opened my eyes to see things most people canʼt.  My name is Isabelle Ortiz, and I was 19 when I first met Duane; he is a regular guest at my job where he would ask me one or two questions week after week.  Little did I know he had chosen me to be one of his students.  He handed me a business card that was colorless and very plain without advertisements or any “get rich quick” kind of feel.  From this I understood Duaneʼs intentions.  I am fortunate my partner, Bruce, works in the same place, so Duane would meet with us to catch up.  We would discuss economics, socialism, and other topics about which we had questions.  He guided us to a path of success;  He taught us valuable skills and educated us much more than we have ever received from anyone else.  Daily we made changes to our lives that without Duane, we would not be able to understand until we learned the hard way.

Duane is the most selfless person I know, he takes time out of his day to daily share reading material and checks on us about our progress.  A great teacher is one who also learns from his students.

I am not saying Duane has the magic key to success or is all-knowing, but instead, he maximizes his time and expands his network to solve any problem he has.  I have learned the value of a network, and I am internally grateful to have Duane in mine. Thank you, Duane, you have genuinely “Ruined my life.”

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