Bruce Arrieta

I will never forget my first interaction with Duane: a very intriguing conversation on future goals and ambitions I had in my life. Duane was amazed as I started talking about gold and different types of investments. This is something I can understand because most of my generation isn’t searching for a future ahead of them rather than just focused on the “now”. While I was waiting for a teacher to arrive I wasn’t expecting the wonderful man who was sent to talk to me by my girlfriend. Duane has truly “ruined my life” with joy, gratitude, an expansive network, and lots of great info every 21 years old should know. 

I love how much attention to detail and effort Duane puts into every moment of his life. He squeezes every second to help others get in a better place in their lives. That inspired me to keep talking to Duane and also made me want to help others. Duane taught me that independence is only one a piece of the puzzle and the rest is the network. Being an expert in one area is better than being good in a few areas. 

Saving money is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from Duane; I felt that I could never save more than six hundred dollars. When Duane explained that I had to keep six months, preferably a year’s worth of living expenses, I questioned how long it would take to save up that amount. During the pandemic, however, I had enough saved for eight months worth of living expenses while being laid-off. 

Duane helped me understand that the only reason you need an excellent credit score is to go into debt. I learned that we must have the cash to afford what we want in life and invest at the right time. Hearing that made something click in my brain. I then started the process of getting rid of every loan I had. Yes, it may affect me now, but I am very grateful I made this mistake at such a young age with very few responsibilities.  Plan A, B, and C are another construct Duane has helped me develop.  This type of thinking was fascinating because it carried a lot of confidence in every decision. I am so grateful for such an amazing, caring, and loving person to come into our lives. Duane is always happy and can manifest happiness anywhere he goes.

Thank you, Mr. Duane, for being on this earth; the world needs more people like you!

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